Yamaha B1 Yamaha B1 Upright
From £2626
Yamaha B2 Yamaha B2 Upright
From £3212
Yamaha B3 Yamaha B3 Upright
From £3756
Yamaha P116 Yamaha P116 Upright
From £4513
Yamaha P121 Yamaha P121 Upright
From £5108
Yamaha U1 Yamaha U1Q Upright
From £6485
Yamaha U3 Yamaha U3SQ Upright
From £7649
Yamaha YUS1 Yamaha YUS1 Upright
From £7505
Yamaha YUS3 Yamaha YUS3 Upright
From £8797
Yamaha YUS5 Yamaha YUS5 Upright
From £9553
Yamaha SU118C Upright Piano Yamaha SU118C Upright
From £9732
Yamaha SU7 Upright Piano Yamaha SU7 Upright
From £16506
Yamaha Disklavier DU1E3 Disklavier DU1E3 Upright
From £11381
Yamaha Disklavier DYUS1E3 Disklavier DYUS1E3
From £12401
Yamaha B1 Silent Piano B1 Silent Piano
From £3782
Yamaha B2 Silent Piano B2 Silent Piano
From £4360
Yamaha B3 Silent Piano B3 Silent Piano
From £4912
Yamaha P116 Silent Traditional Piano P116 Silent Piano
From £5992
Yamaha P121M Silent Traditional Piano P121 Silent Piano
From £6578
Yamaha U1 Silent Piano U1 Silent Piano
From £7955
Yamaha YUS1SI Silent Piano YUS1SI Silent
From £8975
Yamaha U3SG Silent Piano U3SG Silent
From £9120
Yamaha YUS3SI Silent Piano YUS3SI Silent
From £10267
Yamaha YUS5SI Silent Piano YUS5SI Silent
From £11024
Yamaha SU7SG Silent Piano SU7SG Silent
From £18096

Piano Stools


Single Deep Buttoned Leatherette Stool

Single Deep Buttoned Leatherette Stool

Single deep buttoned leatherette stool with storage.Fully adjustable excellent value and very comfortable! Stool dimension is 56cm X 34cm Height adjustment 46cm - 54cm

From £70.00

Budget Black Concert Piano Stool

Budget Black Concert Piano Stool

A Budget Black deep button leather adjustable concert stool with full height adjustment in high quality leather. Lowest height 47cm (19") Highest height 56cm (22") Width of cushion seat 41cm (16") Length of cushion seat 60cm (23.5") Depth of cushion seat 17cm (7")

From £110.00

Maestro Premium single deep button adjustable stool

Maestro Premium single deep button adjustable stool

A luxury high quality premium Leatherette, deep button, height adjustable piano stool. Strong, sturdy rise & fall adjustable mechanism with solid wood construction. Key Features:Height adjustable (50-60cm). High quality deep button Leatherette top. Extra premium padding - very comfortable. Padded top with 10 tufted buttons. Strong metal leading screw type adjustment mechanism. Spade style tapered legs with chrome feet. Solid painted wood...

From £130.00

Leatherette Duet Deep Buttoned Concert Stool

Leatherette Duet Deep Buttoned Concert Stool

A quality leatherette adjustable Concert duet stool stool with full height adjustment in high quality black deep buttoned leather.46-59 cms adjustment

From £150.00

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Yamaha GB1K Baby Grand Yamaha GB1K
From £8321
Yamaha GC1M Baby Grand Yamaha GC1M
From £11814
Yamaha GC2 Baby Grand Yamaha GC2
From £13293
Yamaha C1x Grand Yamaha C1X
From £15650
Yamaha C2x Grand Yamaha C2X
From £16950
Yamaha C3x Grand Yamaha C3X
From £21000
Yamaha C5X Grand Yamaha C5X
From £25600
Yamaha C6X Grand Yamaha C6X
From £28500
Yamaha C7X Grand Yamaha C7X
From £33200
Yamaha GB1K Grand Piano GB1K Silent
From £11330
YAMAHA GC1 Silent Grand Piano GC1 Silent
From £15614
YAMAHA GC2 Silent Grand Piano GC2 Silent
From £17093
YAMAHA C1M SILENT Grand Piano C1M Silent
From £18580
YAMAHA C2M Silent Grand Piano C2M Silent
From £19787
YAMAHA C3M SILENT Grand Piano C3M Silent
From £23689
YAMAHA C5M SILENT Grand Piano C5M Silent
From £27947
YAMAHA C6M Silent Grand Piano C6M Silent
From £30701
YAMAHA C7M Silent Grand Piano C7M Silent
From £35155
Yamaha Disklavier DGB1KE3 MIII DGB1KE3 MIII
From £18478
Yamaha Disklavier DGC1E3 Disklavier DGC1E3
From £23315
Yamaha Disklavier DGC2E3 Disklavier DGC2E3
From £24794
Yamaha Disklavier DC1E3 Disklavier DC1E3
From £26281
Yamaha Disklavier DC2E3 Disklavier DC2E3
From £27488
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